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Locals support locals; let us support you

Mate, you don’t need us to tell you that regional business can be bloody tuff. On any given day, you carry the same load as a ‘normal’ business owner…plus some. But there’s something city-based businesses can’t leverage: community. 

We know how important the Albury Wodonga community is to your business, and we also know it’s the driving force behind the thriving ecosystem we’ve built here in our beautiful border town. 

At Save My Books we’re proud to play a role in the ecosystem, because we know when we provide bookkeeping support to small businesses in Albury Wondonga, we’re helping them succeed and grow, which results in more jobs in our community.





Selling your product (and catching a Murray Cod) should be your priority. Not bookkeeping.

Here’s what we know about you: business is going gangbusters, but there’s a bottleneck: you. Reality is, you can only do everything for so long. Then time taps you out, and you need to begin making choices.

You start prioritising…Sell your product, or do the bookwork? Expand your product range (and bank account), or do the bookwork? Drop a line in the Murray, or do the bookwork?

See where we’re going here?

Xero bookkeeping = zero stress

(when a pro does it for you) 

Here at Save My Books, we are local, high-qualified professionals, Xero Professional Partners – who offer a premium bookkeeping solution at an affordable rate. And we’ve done so for over 15 years.

Still wanna risk it?

Here’s the deal; you can DIY or DIR (do it right)

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Snippets of client goodness:


“those girls are a godsend, I know they have my back all the way…”
“SMB make it easy…”
“Stacey keeps me sane and listens to my business rambles daily…”
“Firstly let me say how happy I am with Dawn. She seems to be so all over our accounting…”
“Stacey is a great bookkeeper and financial sidekick. She’s saved me many hours, mistakes, and heartaches…”

Getting help with your businesses finances

should be easy

Worried outsourcing your bookwork is just another ‘thing’ to do?

No worries mate – we can take the bookkeeping load off your shoulders quicker than you can walk up Monument Hill (with much less sweat).

Here’s what outsourcing to a bookkeeper in Albury Wodonga (aka the Save My Books team) looks like:



Via phone or email – whichever you prefer



We weave our magic on your numbers



You snap pics of your receipts



We watch your moolah, every cent



Turn on Netflix or head to the park

What makes this Albury bookkeeper different?


Sick of receipts and invoices infiltrating every square metre of your life? We have a solution for you.


Why did you start your business? Because you wanted to spend more time pushing Tim on the swing, or less?


Business gold happens when your bookkeeper and accountant work together for your business. In other words, you have a financial team.


Think about it. Do you want us in your office, drinking your coffee and spreading cake crumbs on your keyboard? Likely not.


How profitable is your business? Spoiler alert: this number isn’t measured by your bank balance, but we can get to the answer together.


Little secret: it’s illegal to charge as a bookkeeper, dealing with GST and payroll unless you are a Registered BAS Agent (which we are).

Straight-shooting, hard-working

wingwomen at your call – 24/7

Yes, we’re bookkeepers based in Albury Wodonga. But, we deliver all our services remotely. Our online bookkeeping service is designed to make your life easier and your business’s financial position more transparent – so you can make informed decisions, instead of flying blind. Because that’s important.

Speaking of transparent, our fees are fixed, so you’ll never receive a surprise bill from us. Pinky promise.

Try before you buy


Here’s the truth: trusting your business finances with someone you don’t know is a big deal.

I mean, we could say we’re great, but not actually be very good at all. It’s a predicament we understand because unfortunately, we’ve seen it too many times in our 15+ yrs in this industry.

We believe in our outstanding service, and want you to experience the difference it can make to your business. For this reason, we’re offering to do your first two weeks of bookkeeping free. No charge. Nil. Nada. No fine print. No lock-in contract.

Your home-grown, born and bred NumberNerd and bookkeeper from Albury Wodonga


Hi, I’m Stacey Fulton, Chief NumberNerd and BAS Agent at Save My Books. I also happen to be a proud Alburian *real word*. Together with my small (but mighty) team, we help small businesses understand their finances, so they can build sustainable thriving businesses–minus the overwhelm.

Our main goal? To be real people, that have real conversations (minus the jargon), leading to real results. See, our team are all business owners too, so we understand the pressure that small businesses can put on families because we experience it ourselves. Every. Single. Day.

We want more for you and want to help you achieve it. Spend your Sunday enjoying a tinny ‘round the fire with mates, not catching up on business admin.

Reach out now


Ready for a wingwoman?

I know you’re strapped for time, and if I were a gambling person I’d bet you have pages of scribbled notes to action in that coffee-stained notepad of yours… But I also know you’d tear several of those pages out if you enlisted our bookkeeping solutions, which is why I’ve made getting help super simple; select a time in my calendar below, drop in your phone number, and I’ll call you for an obligation free chat. 

Don’t want the phonecall, but still have questions? Drop your details in here and I’ll get back to you.

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“Save My Books has a level of efficiency. The level of service that we receive is so much better than previous bookkeepers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Save My Books to any friends or family that are seeking out a bookkeeper.”

Theresa Hubble


“Stacey and her team are rockstars! My stress levels have reduced dramatically since they’ve been handling my books.

Expense tracking and reconciliation that used to keep me awake till all hours trying to get it right is now done in a few emails and camera clicks at my end. It saves me hours each week, let alone BAS time”

Lydelle Joseph

Connecting Dots For Kids

“My wife worked with Stacey in a co-working space and could see the hard work and dedication she gave her clients and our paperwork was in a mess, Save my books were the obvious choice for us and we haven’t looked back.”

Ben Kroh

All Sorts Handy

“Stacey and Dawn have changed my life. For the better. Efficient. Knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”

Tara Gilding

Blue Mountains Steel

“Save My Books manage every ounce of our paperwork and payroll, which is very helpful… because I hate it!

Stacey and Dawn are amazing; they’re always super friendly and we can always count on them for solid business advice.”

Mandy Smith

Crazies Cafe

“Have used Save My Book for the best part of ten years. Stacey and Dawn give great service, would highly recommend”

Ray Hunt

Jet Master

How to find us

Address: 540 Swift Street, Albury, NSW 2640

Save My Books Headquarters is located in the town centre of Albury – which so happens to be close to some of the best cafes in the Riverina (did someone say Cafe Musette Albury?)

However, we operate by appointment only, as we also work from our home offices (one being located in sunny ole Howlong).

So if you’d like to meet face-to-face in Albury, it’s best to send a direct email to