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Got Q's about outsourcing your bookkeeping?

Goodo, we've got A's.

What even IS bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a process of collating all the raw financial data for your business – think of all the receipts/paperwork/financial ‘things’ floating unorganised through your life being magically tidy and systemised.

Consequently, good bookkeeping will then take this neat and tidy data and use it to extract meaningful numbers, so you can use them for smart stuff.

These numbers could be used for making informed decisions to grow your business or wise calculations that keep the taxman happy.

The options are endless, but it all starts with getting that bookwork done right.

Do you know anything about GST?

Is a Scotch Finger bikkie best friends with a latte? Hell-to-the-yes!

Importantly, we’re Registered BAS Agents with the Tax Practitioners Board. Wow, that’s a jargony mouthful, but here’s the proof:

This pretty badge means we’ve undergone (and continue to undergo) stringent training to ensure our knowledge of the tax system is up to date.

In other words, our client’s GST, PAYGW, and other numbers are all safe in our hands.

Please, if you hire a bookkeeper, and it isn’t us (no offence taken), please make sure you ask them to prove they’re Registered BAS Agents. Don’t get ripped off by Karen – it’s not worth it.

In my heyday, I was also an Accountant. Both a Tax Accountant and Corporate Accountant – but this is no place to brag.

If I decide to try your virtual bookkeeping service, am I locked into a contract?

To sum it up: not under our watch.

Here’s our view on this matter: you should only pay for a service that provides value.

So essentially, if we woo your socks off, we’re gonna be BFF’s forever. 

But, if for some reason you decide to part ways, it’s cool, you can cancel anytime. 

We’re not clingy like that.

I want to get help, but I need to clean it all up first.

Firstly, are you the person that cleans before the cleaner comes? If you answered yes, stop that.

Secondly, take it from a gal who picked up 32 Reflex boxes of paperwork with the job of sorting it into something bookkeepable… you can’t scare us. We have kids, nothing scares us anymore.

Quite often, what looks incomprehensively messy to you, is completely normal to us.

In conclusion: don’t stress, hand it over. Now.

My work is such a mess, I think the taxman is spying on me at school dropoff, waiting for his chance to ambush me.

See above. We get it.

Also, we’re friends with the taxman, because we play by his rules. Therefore, we can help you be pals with him as well.

We love a good mess to clean up; we’re mums, it’s our gig. A messy bookkeeping file is equivalent to a big-ass puzzle to us. We won’t stop until it’s pieced together in an orderly (correct) manner. And, we love puzzles.

For instance, refer Exhibit A: that my friend, is Dawn, our beancounter completing half of her downtime puzzle’. What’s more, she gave herself a deadline to complete it – coz she’s a nerd like that!

Will my work be sent offshore?

That’s a no from us.

We process all work remotely, within the borders of the Oz continent, by qualified mums who work from home.

Why should I choose you guys?

Uhhh… coz we send gifts?!? What’s more, our gifts always involve chocolate and sometimes involve alcohol. Sold yet?

Above all, we care. A lot. Small business is our life, and we know it’s yours too. We want to support as many biz pals as possible through this crazy cool chaotic journey. Simples.


What do I get for my hard earned dosh?

Our humour…. on tap. Not really.

Weekly: we check-in and process your work.

Monthly: you’ll receive monthly reports showing how your business performed. Month to month, year to year.

Quarterly: we’ll prepare your BAS.

In short, this means not only peace of mind, but live data. Numbers that you can use to make sound business decisions. You can’t put a value on that. It also means cash in the bank, because you’ll know every week which customers have snuck through without paying.

Fun fact: if you lodge your BAS with a Registered BAS Agent (like us), you qualify for a four-week extension on lodgement and payment. That friend is cashflow right there.

How do I get started?

Book a call with me (Stacey), so we can chat. Now.

While you’re already here.

It’s just down below this section, in the cute ‘lil calendar…

Before you get distracted by Netflix, or your brain tells you that it’s too hard.

3.2.1. GO!

How much will it cost?

Our basic package starts at $97. It’s direct debited every week, so it’s cash flow friendly.

Too much? Karen around the corner is charging mates rates? Well, I know Karen. I’ve seen her lurking in the local FB groups advertising her unqualified wares, and I’ve seen the end result of Karen’s work. I’ll catch you when you want Karen’s work fixed.

Where will your money go?

Football registrations and food bills of (qualified) mums who’re trying to make a living whilst raising kids.

Towards continued professional development for the entire team so that your work is always completed on point.

Straight to various charities that we support. Every. Single. Week. ‘Coz that’s important to us.

Moreover, your money will go towards giving you a firm grounding on your business numbers, so you can make educated and informed business decisions. Which is priceless.

What software packages do you use?

We don’t play favourites. But we kinda do.

We love Xero. It’s simple and easy to use for small biz owners.

And we’re proficient at using it, see:

However, we’re also professional partners with MYOB and Reckon, and we’ve been using these guys for a long time (like 20 or so years), so we’ve got your back if this is your chosen platform.

No spreadsheets. We hate spreadsheets. If you want someone to do your spreadsheets, look Karen up.

Do you have any other services?

I thought you’d never ask.

I don’t only speak numbers.

I’m also fluent in copywriting (I wrote the content on this website), marketing, systems, automation, strategy, and most importantly, business growth – so you can really get bang for your buck ’round these parts.

Let’s add that to our conversation about your virtual bookkeeping service.

My question to you

Now that I’ve answered all those questions, it’s only fair that I ask you a question, right?

Question: After a busy day busting your business butt, do you:

  1. Bed
  2. Beers
  3. Babes
  4. Besties
  5. Bike riding
  6. Bookkeeping

Answer: If you answered 1, 2, 3, 4, you win. If you answered 6, you need to rethink your life goals. The jury is still out on 5.