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It’s Sunday, you should be enjoying your free time with family and friends, in a boat, mowing the lawn, or heck…standing at the bbq, beer in hand. But no, you’re staring blankly at your computer, trying to work your way around that bloody Xero file. Sound familiar?

What if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? What if we told you that thanks to cloud-based accounting software, our construction industry knowledge, and our real talkin’ tradie bookkeeping specialists, you could be bangin’ out burgers on that barbie every. single. Sunday?

Read on, friend, you’ve just found the ultimate tool for your toolbox.

Bookkeeping has a way of throwing a spanner in the works.

Here’s what we know about you: business is going gangbusters, but there’s a bottleneck: you. Reality is, you can only do everything for so long. Then time taps you out, and you need to begin making choices.

You start prioritising…take on more (income-producing) projects, or do bookwork? Hire more tradesmen, or do bookwork? Take the family on a Sunday morning road trip, or do bookwork?

See where we’re going here?

Are you missing out on (legit) business tax deductions?

Or…are you risking making the taxman at the ATO a little pissed?

Think of all the bookkeeping admin tasks you’re tackling every week (or whenever you muster up the strength to sit at the computer)…do you really need to be doing them?

Seriously take a moment to think about it, mate…payroll, lodging Single Touch Payroll, paying superannuation, keeping track of subcontractors’ invoices, lodging Taxable Payment Schedules, allocating customer payments, chasing unpaid invoices, reconciling supplier accounts, reconciling the bank statements, preparing the Business Activity Statement each quarter, getting all the paperwork together for tax time, the list goes on, and on, and on.

Mate, that paper shuffle is hectic!

How profitable are you? Really?

Here’s the truth: we’ve provided bookkeeping to the trade industry for more than 15 years now – heck, several of our bookkeepers have built successful small family trade businesses ourselves. We get it. What we also know from experience is that your trusty coffee-stained notepad isn’t a good method for tracking project profitability. Just sayin’. What does work are job management systems, and lucky for you, we use them every day here at Save My Books to provide real-time reporting to all our clients. So you can keep that trusty notepad for scribbling your smoko orders.

Wifey getting tired of handling your financial matters?

Let’s not sugarcoat it, small business is hard. Being a tradesman is gruelling. Combine the two and mate, the stress can be overwhelming.

But, that’s nothing compared to what it can do to a relationship…without getting all up in your head, we both know the pressure a business puts on a marriage can cause holes no bog will ever fill. #truth.

90% of our tradie clients come to us because wifey is sick to her ears of trying to play bookkeeper and homemaker. Sound familiar?

It makes good business sense to hire a beancounter (us), and spend your time enjoying dates nights with wifey, while we take care of the mundane paper shuffle.

Xero bookkeeping = zero stress
(when a pro does it for you)

Here’s the deal: you can DIY or DIR (do it right).

Here at Save My Books, we’re Aussie-based, qualified BAS Agents, Xero Professional Partners – who offer bookkeeping for tradies at an affordable rate.

And we’ve done so for over 15 years.

Still wanna risk it?

Signing up for our tradie bookkeeping services couldn’t be simpler

Worried outsourcing your bookwork is just another complicated ‘thing’ to do? Not on our watch.
We can take the bookkeeping load off your shoulders quicker than you can fill a trolley at Bunnings.
Here’s what offloading your to a bookkeeper for tradies at Save My Books team looks like:


Via email or phone – whichever you prefer


We weave our magic on your numbers


You snap pics of your receipts


We watch your moolah, every cent


Turn on Netflix or head to the park

“My wife worked with Stacey in a co-working space and could see the hard work and dedication she gave her clients and our paperwork was in a mess, Save My Books was the obvious choice for us, and we haven’t looked back.

Communication is great from both Dawn and Stacey, they’re always available to answer a question or advise us in any way. Engaging Save My Books allows us to focus on the things we are good at and leave the financial stuff up to the pros.”

All Sorts Handy

Ben Kroh

“Have used Save My Book for the best part of ten years. Stacey and Dawn give a great service, would highly recommend.”

Jetmaster Plumbing

Measure twice, cut once

We’re Australia’s best bookkeeping services for tradies

Mate, we aren’t apprentices at this gig; we’ve spent many late nights streamlining our services to make life easy for our clients – so they don’t have to spend late nights headbutting a keyboard.


Sick of receipts and invoices infiltrating every square metre of your life? We have a solution for you.


Business gold happens when your bookkeeper and accountant work together for your business. In other words, you have a financial team.


How profitable is your business? Spoiler alert: this number isn’t measured by your bank balance, but we can get to the answer together.


Why did you start your business? Because you wanted to spend more time pushing Timmy on the swing, or less?


Think about it. Do you want us in your office, drinking your coffee and dropping cake crumbs on your keyboard? Likely not.


Little secret: it’s illegal to charge as a bookkeeper, dealing with GST and payroll unless you are a Registered BAS Agent (which we are).

We’re not here to screw around. We’re straight-shooting, hard-working wingwomen at your call – 24/7

Our online bookkeeping service is designed to make your life easier and your business’s financial position more transparent – so you can make informed decisions, instead of flying blind. Because that’s important.

Speaking of transparent, our fees are fixed, so you’ll never receive a surprise bill from us. Pinky promise.

Try before you buy

Here’s the truth: trusting your business finances with someone you don’t know is a big deal.

I mean, we could say we’re great, but not actually be very good at all. It’s a predicament we understand because, unfortunately, we’ve seen it too many times in our 15+ yrs in this industry.

We believe in our outstanding service, and want you to experience the difference it can make to your business. For this reason, we’re offering to do your first two weeks of bookkeeping for free. No charge. Nil. Nada. No fine print. No lock-in contract. No hard feelings if we’re not for you.

Your home-grown, born and bred NumberNerd and bookkeeper from Albury


Hi, I’m Stacey Fulton, Chief NumberNerd and BAS Agent at Save My Books. I also happen to be a proud wife to an ex-practicing tradie who, after being together for more than 20yrs, still leaves blades, screws, and other random tradie crap in his work pants. So, I guess you could say I get it.

Together with my small (but mighty) team (who’re also blessed to own tradie hubbies), we help small tradie businesses understand their finances, so they can build sustainable thriving businesses – minus the overwhelm.

Our main goal? To be real people, that have real conversations (minus the jargon), leading to real results. See, our team are all business owners too, so we understand the pressure that small businesses can put on families because we experience it ourselves. Every. Single. Day.

We want more for you and want to help you achieve it. Spend your Sunday cooking those burgers on the barbie, not catching up on business admin.

Reach out now


“Stacey and Dawn have changed my life. For the better. Efficient. Knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”

Blue Mountains Steel

Ready for a wingwoman?

I know you’re strapped for time, and if I were a gambling person I’d bet you have pages of scribbled notes to action in that coffee-stained notepad of yours… But I also know you’d tear several of those pages out if you enlisted our bookkeeping solutions, which is why I’ve made getting help super simple; select a time in my calendar below, drop in your phone number, and I’ll call you for an obligation free chat. 

Don’t want the phonecall, but still have questions? Drop your details in here and I’ll get back to you.

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