The power of a perfectly polished Xero file

Our Xero bookkeeping review could be your secret to confidently making financial decisions in your business
Tame My Tangled Bookkeeping

I mean, what could go wrong, right?!?

Doing your own bookwork? Hats off you to you, it’s empowering to take the reins and manage your own financials.
My bet is, you understand your business’s financial position better than any other small business owner.
Or do you?
If your bookwork’s squeaky clean, then it’s a massive hell-yes, but…if the bookwork’s wrong, and you’re making business decisions based off (possibly) incorrect numbers…ouch.

Financial stress keeping you up at night?

Look, let’s not get all dramatic here…maybe your bookwork doesn’t keep you up at night. But I’m willing to bet that as a business owner, you’ve experienced some sleepless nights pondering your finances. So, while the actual number-crunching may not feel like the cause for your insomnia, imagine the quality of zzz’s you’d enjoy if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that the numbers in that ol’ Xero file were spot on?

Missed deductions = missed opportunities

In this current climate, do you really want to be handing potential savings over to Mr Taxman due to inaccurate bookkeeping? It’s simple, every missed deduction means leaving money on the table that could fuel your business growth.

Caveat: we’re not income tax agents, and don’t provide income tax advice.

Introducing…our Xero bookkeeping review

We’re about to unleash neurotic number nerdiness on your file, combing all the reconciled and unreconciled transactions…turning all the unturned stones…finding all the hidden gems lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of your Xero file.
Kinda like an audit, but minus the intimidating audit-stare and resulting tax bill. Unlike an audit, this service will leave you feeling at ease – confident even. You’re welcome.

Clarity in a click

Order your Xero review today, and enjoy business clarity within the week – it’s that simple






How does it work?

Like everything around here, we keep it easy, simple, and streamlined
Here’s what it looks like when you engage us to review your Xero bookkeeping file





Get Your Xero bookkeeping on point

Transaction Accuracy Audit

  • Meticulous examination of the reconciled and unreconciled transactions in your Xero file
  • Identification of any discrepancies or errors in transaction entries
  • Reconciliation verification to ensure accuracy and consistency

Expense and Income Optimisation Analysis

  • Comprehensive review of expense and income categorisation and allocation
  • Identification of potential areas for better categorisation
  • Recommendations to streamline categorisation and make your bookkeeping process accurate and efficient

Financial Report Review

  • Analysis of financial reports generated by Xero, including balance sheets and profit and loss statements
  • Validation of reports for accuracy and integrity
  • Recommendations to enhance the clarity and usefulness of your financial reports

Detailed Report and Recommendations

A down-to-earth booklet with our findings after reviewing your Xero file, complete with pointers and suggestions to not only make it cleaner and more accurate but also save you time and brainpower.


Save My Books albury based, Australia wide bookkeeping team shining bright like diamonds against a white backdrop

The Save My Books crew

Hi, I’m Stacey Fulton, Chief Bean-Counter and BAS Agent at Save My Books. Together with my small (but mighty) team, we help small businesses understand their finances, so they can build sustainable thriving businesses – minus the overwhelm.

Our main goal? To be real people, that have real conversations (minus the jargon), leading to real results. See, our team are all business owners ourselves, so we understand the pressure that small businesses can put on families because we experience it ourselves. Every. Single. Day.

We want more for you. We want you to sleep well at night, knowing you’re making informed business decisions. That starts with getting your numbers right. We want to help.


“Save My Books has a level of efficiency. The level of service that we receive is so much better than previous bookkeepers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Save My Books to any friends or family that are seeking out a bookkeeper.”

Theresa Hubble


“Stacey and her team are rockstars! My stress levels have reduced dramatically since they’ve been handling my books.

Expense tracking and reconciliation that used to keep me awake till all hours trying to get it right is now done in a few emails and camera clicks at my end. It saves me hours each week, let alone BAS time”

Lydelle Joseph

Connecting Dots For Kids

“My wife worked with Stacey in a co-working space and could see the hard work and dedication she gave her clients and our paperwork was in a mess, Save my books were the obvious choice for us and we haven’t looked back.”

Ben Kroh

All Sorts Handy

“Stacey and Dawn have changed my life. For the better. Efficient. Knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”

Tara Gilding

Blue Mountains Steel

“Save My Books manage every ounce of our paperwork and payroll, which is very helpful… because I hate it!

Stacey and Dawn are amazing; they’re always super friendly and we can always count on them for solid business advice.”

Mandy Smith

Crazies Cafe

“Have used Save My Book for the best part of ten years. Stacey and Dawn give great service, would highly recommend”

Ray Hunt

Jet Master