BOOM! Mate, you’re taking some serious steps towards nailing those business numbers! At the risk of being annoying, I have one last offer you may just be interested in, while you’re on fire…

You’ve cracked the code to Xero with SubXero to Hero, but we’ve got a little extra something to skyrocket your success even higher. Enter the realm of payroll mastery with our bonus payroll module, exclusively designed for the go-getters who want to nail their payroll processes once and for all.

Xero Review (Value $97)

Xero bookkeeping review

Learning how to do the bookwork yourself is amazing, but what if you’re starting with a mess? Will you know how to identify it? Fix it?

Maybe not.

Which is why I’d highly suggest you start this journey by having me (Stacey, BAS Agent) sweep over your Xero accounts and make sure it’s all lookin’ sweet.

I’ll unleash my neurotic number nerdiness on your file, combing all the reconciled and unreconciled transactions…turning all the unturned stones…finding all the hidden gems lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of your Xero file.

Kinda like an audit, but minus the intimidating audit-stare and resulting tax bill. Unlike an audit, this service will leave you feeling at ease – confident even. You’re welcome.


Transaction Accuracy Audit

– Meticulous examination of the reconciled and unreconciled transactions in your Xero file
– Identification of any discrepancies or errors in transaction entries
– Reconciliation verification to ensure accuracy and consistency


Expense and Income Optimisation Analysis

– Comprehensive review of expense and income categorisation and allocation
– Identification of potential areas for better categorisation
– Recommendations to streamline categorisation and make your bookkeeping process accurate and efficient


Financial Report Review

– Analysis of financial reports generated by Xero, including balance sheets and profit and loss statements
– Validation of reports for accuracy and integrity
– Recommendations to enhance the clarity and usefulness of your financial reports


Detailed Report and Recommendations

A down-to-earth booklet with our findings after reviewing your Xero file, complete with pointers and suggestions to not only make it cleaner and more accurate but also save you time and brainpower.

Financial stress keeping you up at night?

Look, let’s not get all dramatic here…maybe your bookwork doesn’t keep you up at night. But I’m willing to bet that as a business owner, you’ve experienced some sleepless nights pondering your finances. So, while the actual number-crunching may not feel like the cause for your insomnia, imagine the quality of zzz’s you’d enjoy if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that the numbers in that ol’ Xero file were spot on?

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