You’ve just taken your first step to lesson the Xero overwhelm. While you’re already here…

You’ve cracked the code to Xero with SubXero to Hero, but we’ve got a little extra something to skyrocket your success even higher. Enter the realm of payroll mastery with our bonus payroll module, exclusively designed for the go-getters who want to nail their payroll processes once and for all.

Xero Payroll (Value $197)

Payroll PowerUp

If you need to go beyond the Xero basics and dive into the world of payroll, this training is your answer.

From nailing down the perfect payroll setup to wrapping your head around compliance without breaking a sweat, this module is the missing piece of your Xero puzzle.


Simplify Complex Payroll Tasks

Wave goodbye to payroll-induced headaches. Our module makes the complicated stuff simple.


Stay on Top of Compliance

Keep the taxman happy with our insider tips on staying compliant effortlessly.


Boost Your Confidence

With our training, you’ll transform into the payroll hero your business deserves. No more second-guessing or payroll panic attacks.


Empower Your Team

Whether you’re a solopreneur or managing a team, this module ensures everyone’s paid right, leaving more room for high fives and less for facepalms.

Unlock Your Payroll Superpowers

Ready to tackle payroll with the same zest you apply to your morning coffee? Our exclusive bonus payroll module is like having a BAS Agent in your back pocket, guiding you through every step with expert advice tailored to your unique business needs.

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