“Help…my husband’s business is ruining our marriage”

“That’s it, I’m done. Screw you and your business!”

This is what I walked into today when I went on-site to visit a new client. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the usual offer of coffee and a comfy chair. No, it was quite the opposite.

What I walked into was a red-faced, eye-twitching wife, steam spiralling from her ears – all up in her petrified husband’s face.

Wifey draws a line in the sand and says she's done with doing tradies bookeeping.

Rewind three years…

Hubby starts a business; his family buys into the dream. Hubby ropes wifey into the super easy task of ‘keeping the books’. Wifey wants to be supportive, so she agrees. Even though she has no idea what the heck she’s supposed to do with her new-found, unpaid ‘job’.

Just like that, she’s employed by a demanding, unappreciative boss (her husband), with little-to-no training. For less than minimum pay. Good times.

But she hangs in there because she knows how important this family business is to her husband. She wants to be supportive…and all that.

Over the next three years…

Things get tough. 

Cash flow suffers. 

Customers come and go.

Hubby doesn’t know what to do. He’s stressed. The kind of stress fellow small business owners can understand.

It’s brutal.

The business isn’t making money, and he won’t close the failing business. But he doesn’t want to tell anyone because that would make him a failure, right? 

He needs someone to offload on, an outlet. Who else better than wifey? I mean… she does the books and isn’t keeping cash flow consistent. If he blames her, his family and friends don’t need to know about his struggle.

Small business cash flow problems affect relationships everyday.

Wifey takes it for a while…

Yep, she should have completed the bookwork to a higher standard.

Sure, she could have kept on top of supplier payments before they got too far behind.

True, she should have been tracking their business performance.

But when?

Between her own job, school pickups, kids’ homework, sports, appointments, housework, and managing to get in the shower each day…when?

The tension builds as they both try and wrangle this monster of a business they’ve worked so damn hard to create. The two of them, silently working through it together, and resenting each other more and more each day…

Until today…

Today is the day that wifey has had enough.

She can’t go another day with this pressure on her shoulders. She wants to fire the worst boss in history and get her life back. So she calls Stacey at Save My Books, declaring: “my husband’s business is ruining our marriage”.

Sounds dramatic, right?

Here’s something I know for sure after working with couples in business for over 20 years. The distinction between business and personal life becomes extremely foggy when you’re both trying your hardest to keep it all together.

Let’s face it, working with your spouse can be hard. Especially when you’re expected to be friends with them outside of work. That’s why, today, I happily onboarded a lovely couple to my bookkeeping and business coaching services. A couple that’s undoubtedly now drinking beer on their front veranda, watching the kids play on the lawn, and finally having a conversation that doesn’t revolve around business finances.

This could be you (after engaging Save My Books tradie bookkeeping) but you playin'.

Your marriage doesn’t need to be a business transaction

From today onwards, the team at Save My Books will ‘keep the books’. Hubby can go forth fixing stuff, and wifey can return to her life. Simples.

If you’re finding yourself in this same tricky dynamic at home, we get it. We can help you get back to enjoying your family life.

Reach out while you’re here, and book an obligation-free chat. Trust me, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain – I’ve seen it!




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Picture of Stacey, Registered BAS Agent and bookkeeper, who provides bookkeeping services to small businesses all over Australia

Stacey Fulton

Boss Lady / BAS Agent

Hey, I’m Stacey, I’m a fan of karate and big beefy muscle cars. But my major, stay-awake-till-3am obsession… is other awesome small biz owners. We ‘get’ each other. I mean, let’s face it. This gig; running a business… it’s empowering and exhilarating. But man, it’s also painful and lonely at times. A kind of pain that our non-small business friends don’t always ‘get’.

In a previous life, I was a corporate gal. Clad in my business suit and sporting a mouthful of technical jargon, I was set to climb the proverbial ladder of the accounting world. And I didn’t do too bad. Then I had kids. Lots of them. Turns out, the corporate world wasn’t a fan of big families and I wasn’t a fan of the corporate world. So I packed up my mundane little cubicle and fell face first Fat Amy style into the world of small business. Save My Books was born.

Don’t go it alone, it’s no fun. And business should be fun. Grab a few squares of chocolate *who am I kidding, grab the block*, and peruse some of the content I’ve put together for you. Or, if you’re time poor like me, save the reading, let’s chat for real over Zoom.

Until then.



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May 14, 2023

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Hi, I’m Stacey Fulton, Chief Bean-Counter and BAS Agent at Save My Books. Together with my small (but mighty) team, we help small businesses understand their finances, so they can build sustainable thriving businesses – minus the overwhelm.

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